Jerry Lorengo

Acting Deputy Commissioner for Patents

Jerry Lorengo serves as the Acting Deputy Commissioner for Patents in the Patents business unit. In this role, Mr. Lorengo works with and provide executive leadership to the Office of International Patent Cooperation and Technology Centers 2600, 2900, and 3700.

Prior to becoming Acting Deputy Commissioner, he served as an Assistant Commissioner for Patents covering Technology Centers 2100 and 2400, and before that was a Group Director in Technology Center 3700 covering technology areas focused on medical and surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment and body treatment.

Mr. Lorengo joined the USPTO in 1996 as an Examiner in Technology Center 1700 focusing on chemical and materials engineering and also served as a Supervisory Patent Examiner from 2005 to 2012 in the same area. He was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in 2012 and worked as a Group Director in Technology Center 1600 dealing with organic chemistry and biotechnology until 2017.

He served as the first CPC Project Coordinator involved in the Office’s implementation and transition to CPC for which he received a U.S. Department of Commerce Gold Medal. Mr. Lorengo continues his work in support of CPC serving as executive lead for the SCE project. He also received a second U.S. Department of Commerce Gold Medal for his work in the launch of the Cancer Immunotherapy Pilot Program, a fast-track patent application review for cancer immunotherapy-related patent applications. This pilot was launched in support of the National Cancer Moonshot.

Mr. Lorengo is a graduate of the University of Nevada – Reno, Mackay School of Mines, where he earned a BSc in Chemical Engineering and an MSc in Metallurgical Engineering.  He also has a Juris Doctor from the Catholic University of America.