Office of the Chief Information Officer


The chief information officer (CIO) is the principal advisor to the under secretary of commerce for intellectual property and director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office on the application and transformation of information technology (IT) for the USPTO’s business. The CIO also serves as the USPTO's chief privacy officer. As an advisor, the CIO:

  • Develops and implements strategic and operational IT plans and operating budgets
  • Leads the transformation of IT at the USPTO, developing next-generation technology and tools for the patent and trademark systems while maintaining the agency’s legacy systems
  • Operates the USPTO's computer facilities, equipment, and telecommunications network
  • Develops, maintains, and disseminates patent and trademark information to the public
  • Serves as the USPTO's senior information resources management (IRM) official
  • Provides technical direction for the re-engineering of USPTO's business processes
  • Provides administrative policy direction to the organizational elements reporting to the CIO.

The Office of the CIO consists of the following offices:

Deputy Chief Information Officer

The Deputy Chief Information Officer (DCIO) provides day-to-day management and oversight of a workforce spanning application & system development, UX design & development...

Office of the Chief Technology Officer

The Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) oversees the enterprise IT architecture; evaluates emerging technologies and applies these emerging technologies to...

Office of Information Management Services

The Office of Information Management Services (IMS) delivers quality information products and services to meet USPTO, public, and intellectual property community needs...