Participate in the Patent Center 2019 Beta release

Feedback provided by participants will guide further improvements to new system

Patent Center is the USPTO's next generation patent filing and application management system and will eventually replace both EFS-Web and PAIR. Patent Center features a unified, user-friendly interface that will eventually incorporate and surpass all capabilities of the older systems. The beta release is scheduled to begin in October 2019.

In Patent Center Beta, participants will utilize newly developed filing and management features to submit and manage active patent applications. Feedback provided by participants will help guide further improvements to the system.

Stakeholders can participate in this project by signing up to join the waitlist for the Patent Center Beta. Interested participants should email with the subject line “Participation Request: Patent Center Beta Release.” Our project team will contact external stakeholders in phases for group training and access to Patent Center as the Beta progresses.

For more information, please visit the Patent Center webpage. For questions or comments regarding Patent Center, please contact