eMod Participant Programs

How Can You Participate?

Help us to help you by signing up to join the eMod Patent Center Beta Release. This will be a great opportunity to begin using the new Patent Center tool and provide the eMod Team with feedback for further improvements. 


eMod Patent Center Beta Release

Status: Scheduled to Begin February 2019

Improvements resulting from the eMod Text Pilot Program will be incorporated into the eMod Patent Center Beta Release, which is scheduled to begin in February 2019. 

Participants will be using the new patent electronic filing and management system in development, Patent Center. During the eMod Patent Center Beta Release, participants will be able to use current electronic patent application filing and viewing features that have been transferred to Patent Center, along with new features, such as the ability for  applicants to submit and receive text using EFS-Web and Private PAIR. 

If you would like to sign up to receive additional information about the eMod Patent Center Beta Release, please send an email to eMod@uspto.gov with the subject line “Participation Request: eMod Patent Center Beta Release” to let us know that you’re interested. We will send an email to let you know when the guidelines and additional information has been updated and posted below.


eMod Patent Center Beta Release Steps 

  • Step 1: Interested users will be provided the registration link when available (which will link to the guidelines for review and agreement)
  • Step 2: eMod Project Team will contact users to join the eMod Patent Center Beta Release in phases, based on their registration date
  • Step 3: eMod Project Team will provide eMod Patent Center Beta Release Training/Workshops in phases based on respective introduction dates
  • Step 4: eMod Patent Center Beta Release users will be able to use Patent Center and give feedback for improvements. Please note EFS-Web and PAIR will still be available for use as well.


eMod Patent Center Beta Program Resources

(links are inactive until closer to program start date)