Trademark Fraudulent Solicitations Roundtable Interactive Webcast

The Rocky Mountain Regional Office will host a webcast/livestream enabling stakeholders in the Denver metro area to participate in the Trademark Public Advisory Committee’s Trademark Fraudulent Solicitations Roundtable. The purpose of the roundtable is to further public awareness of the problem, to provide U.S. Government officials with more information about its scope, and to facilitate a discussion among members of the public about how to address the problem.

Roundtable Registration: To register to attend the roundtable, please go to the USPTO Web site (​learning-and-resources/​ip-policy/​fraudulent-solicitations-trademark-owners). The agenda will be available a week before the meeting at the same URL. Attendees may also register at the door one half-hour prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Individuals interested in speaking at the Roundtable must complete on-line registration no later than July 17, 2017. Parties who register to speak may do so either at USPTO main campus in Alexandria, Virginia, or at one of the following USPTO Regional Offices: the Midwest Regional Office in Detroit, MI; the Rocky Mountain Regional Office in Denver, CO; the West Coast Regional Office in San Jose, CA; or the Texas Regional Office in Dallas, TX. Please indicate that you are requesting to speak and select the location at which you will attend the event.