TC2800 Semiconductor Customer Partnership

Technology Center 2800 - Semiconductor
Customer Partnership Meeting

We are pleased to announce USPTO’s Semiconductor Customer Partnership Meeting
August 22, 2017, 1 to 5pm
USPTO headquarters in Alexandria, VA.  

This meeting will restart the Semiconductor Partnership to customers across the country. Our goal is to build upon the partnership between USPTO internal and external stakeholders to ensure that we are providing patents of the highest quality. 

During this meeting, participants will be able to interact with Office personnel in person, or alternatively, via webcast. Participants also have an opportunity to complete a survey about the meeting.

1:00-1:05 p.m.WelcomeAndy Faile, Deputy Commissioner for Patent Operations
1:05-1:15 p.m.Opening RemarksDon Hajec, Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Patent Operations
1:15-1:55 p.m.Patent QualityJames Dwyer, Acting Director of the Office of Patent Quality
1:55-2:05 p.m.Break 
2:05-2:45 p.m.Direct Office Communication and Its Effect on ProsecutionJason Toomey, Senior Patent Agent, Nantero, Inc.
Brett Squires, Patent Counsel, Nantero, Inc.
2:45-3:30 p.m.An Applicant’s Perspective of Options for After‐Final PracticeRaymond B Hom, VP Patent Counsel, Qualcomm Inc.
3:30-3:40 p.m.Break 
3:40-4:50 p.m.

Our Mission: Perfecting Patent Products and Services

Olik Chaudhuri, Supervisory Patent Examiner
Matt Such, CPC Project Coordinator
Jeff West, Office of Patent Legal Administration
Sandie Spyrou, Supervisory Review Quality Assurance
Specialist and TC 2800 Quality Lead
Davienne Monbleau (Moderator),
Supervisory Patent Examiner
4:50-5:00 p.m.Closing RemarksJoseph Thomas, TC 2800 Director

How to Attend:

RSVP by August 18, 2017 to TC2800CustomerPartnership@USPTO.GOV(link sends e-mail)
Include the following:
(1) Full names of participants;
(2) What organization or firm that you represent; and
(3) Preference to attend in-person at our Alexandria campus, or remotely via WebEx.

USPTO Headquarters in Alexandria, VA:  Directions and Parking Information:

Thank you for joining us.

TC2800 Group Directors:
Joseph Thomas
Angela Sykes
James Trammell
Robin Evans

Please help us continue to improve.  Share with us your experience at the Semiconductor Customer Partnership meeting by completing our Survey. Your response will be anonymous and data will only be used in aggregate format.

For Further Information, Please Contact:  TC2800CustomerPartnership@USPTO.GOV

This event is part of a series: Patents Customer Partnership