Seminar: What happens if my trademark registration is audited?

Come learn about the Post Registration Proof of Use Audit Program. You’ll find what proof of use in commerce looks like and what happens during the audit process. We’ll also discuss what comprises good proof of use in commerce. An application for Virginia CLE is pending.

Registration is open until the event begins, and you can attend online or in person. To register, email with the subject line "July 29 audit program seminar." Include your name and whether you'll attend online or in person. Attend online using this link; captioning will appear in the media viewer automatically. 

Speakers will include: 
•    Deputy Commissioner for Trademark Operations Meryl Hershkowitz
•    Acting Chief of Staff Montia Pressey
•    Managing Attorney Dan Brody
•    Examining Attorney Jordan Baker

During the event, send your questions and comments to to participate in the conversation. 

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About the audit program

Trademarks that aren't in use on all registered goods and services may unnecessarily block future applications. These trademarks also allow owners of unused marks to maintain rights they aren't entitled to. Because removing these registrations or deleting goods or services not in use is crucial for maintaining an accurate register, we created the Post Registration Proof of Use Audit Program. 

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