Regional innovation roundtable: IP, manufacturing, and export markets—a discussion with the USPTO’s IP attachés

IP Attaché Services

Join us at this in-person event at the University of Central Florida’s Digital Learning Center for a discussion with several of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s intellectual property (IP) attachés.

The IP attachés are posted to 12 locations overseas. They work to improve IP systems internationally by directly assisting U.S. stakeholders — such as businesses, legal representatives, and rights holders — and by advocating to improve IP policies, laws, and regulations abroad.

This program will be an opportunity for businesses in the Central Florida region, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to hear the attachés’ informed viewpoints about ways of protecting and enforcing IP internationally, the commercial and export considerations concerning IP-reliant products, and how they can assist you.

This program has been organized by the USPTO in collaboration with the University of Central Florida’s Digital Learning Center. There is no charge to attend, but advance registration is required.

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For more information, visit the registration page or contact Kortney Hammonds in the USPTO’s Office of Policy and International Affairs.

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