PPAC Quarterly Meeting

Quarterly, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC), meets at USPTO headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.  You can attend the public session of the meeting at the Alexandria campus, or watch on-line. 

The PPAC reviews the policies, goals, performance, budget, and user fees of patent operations and advises the director on these matters.

Please submit questions to ppac@uspto.gov.


9:00-9:10Call To Order -- Session Opening
•Introductions, PPAC Remarks
•PPAC Annual Report Release – Nov 28, 2017
Marylee Jenkins, PPAC Chairperson
9:10-9:30Opening Remarks
•Enterprise Services
•Oil States case
Joseph Matal, Performing the Functions and Duties of the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO



Quality/Operations Update
Readiness Survey
FY17 Recap
Quality Metrics Status Report

Valencia Martin Wallace, Deputy Commissioner for Patent Quality
Martin Rater, Chief Statistician, Office of Patent Quality Assurance
Andrew Faile, Deputy Commissioner for Patent Operations
Stefanos Karmis, Acting Director of Office of Patent Quality Assurance



International Update
•Expanded Collaborative Search Pilot
•Access to Relevant Prior Art

Mark Powell, Deputy Commissioner for International Patent Cooperation
Michael Neas, Deputy Director, International Patent Legal Administration
Jessica Patterson, Director, International Outreach and Administration

11:30-11:45USPTO Working Group on Regulatory ReformNick Oettinger, Senior Counsel for Regulatory and Legislative Affairs, OGC



Finance/Budget Update
•FY 2017 Summary
•FY 2018 Status
•FY 2019 Budget
•Fee Rulemaking/ Fee Setting Authority


Michelle Picard, Senior Advisor for Financial Management, Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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PTAB Update
•Multiple Petition Study
•Motion to Amend Practice and Aqua Products
•Expanded Panels
•Federal Court and PTAB Cases (Oil States and SAS before Supreme Court; Wi-Fi One before Federal Circuit)
•Immunity Cases before PTAB
•SOP 9: Remands



David Ruschke, Chief Judge, Patent Trial and Appeal Board
Scott Boalick, Deputy Chief Judge, Patent Trial and Appeal Board



Legislative Update
•House/Senate Judiciary Committee activity
•Telework Enhancement Act/TEAPP  Extension update
•Hill Staff Engagement Efforts


Dana Colarulli, Director of the Office of Governmental Affairs


Strategy/Planning/Outreach for PPAC for 2018

Meeting Adjourn

Marylee Jenkins, PPAC Chairperson

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