Fashion, Beauty, and Intellectual Property: Fashion History

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Welcome back to the virtual runway for the next installment of the Fashion, Beauty, and Intellectual Property (IP) series!

From silk-woven hats to sportswear, dry-scouring methods to detachable umbrella covers, the rich history of patents can help us uncover how fashion has challenged expectations and contributed to societal progress for generations. Throughout U.S. history, inventors in the fashion and beauty industry have improved workplaces, helped consumers feel more confident, and even used their intellectual property to fight for a more equitable world. 

Join us on April 25 from 4-5 p.m. ET, for a virtual fireside chat with Rebekah Oakes, USPTO's historian to learn about the history of IP in the fashion industry.

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The Fashion, Beauty, and IP series is a collection of webinars and hybrid events that cover fashion, beauty, and accessories in relation to IP protection. So, turn the pages or swipe left and right with us as we uncover and highlight the ins and outs of wearing authentic brands, reflecting on the history of fashion, sustainability, protecting traditional heritage dress and patterns, wearable technology, and more.

This event and the larger series are hosted by the USPTO's Eastern Regional Outreach Office (EROO). To learn more about the event and series, contact EROO at 571-270-7100 or email us at

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