From Start to Exit: Why Licensing Partnerships Enhance the Chance for Success

From the very early on in the startup lifecycle, frequently high on the mind of a founder is his or her funding and/or exit strategy. In many cases, a successful exit is contingent upon the solid foundation that a well-thought-out intellectual property (IP) portfolio affords. In addition to supporting a strong exit, having an approach to IP that leverages effective licensing partnerships can provide funders with the evidence they need to jump on board. As such, this panel presentation will bring together startups and licensors to reflect on why startups with robust IP licensing partners may be more likely to succeed.

Moderator: Mark Radtke, USPTO Assistant Regional Director 


  • Marta Zgagacz, Licensing Manager at the Technology Transfer Office at the University of Colorado Boulder
  • Bart Foster, Chairman or ReVision Solution
  • Kristin Gray, Technology Transfer Director at National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Arrelaine Dameron, Director of Research and Development at Forge Nano
Visit the Denver Startup Week website(link is external) for more information and to register to attend.