Patents > Comments Regarding the International Effort to Harmonize the Substantive Requirements of Patent Laws
  1. Gabe Katona [PDF]

  2. Kalhan Kumar Sanyal [PDF]

  3. Banner & Witcoff, Ltd. [PDF]

  4. Tutle International [PDF]

  5. Gabe Katona [PDF]

  6. Scott Elmer [PDF]

  7. Mark Manley [PDF]

  8. Ron Docie [PDF]

  9. Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, P.C. [PDF]

  10. Michael Atlass [PDF]

  11. RA-TECH [PDF]

  12. Don Costar [PDF]

  13. Alliance for American Innovation Associates [PDF]

  14. Alliance for American Innovation Associates [PDF]

  15. Tom Workman [PDF]

  16. Rick Rios [PDF]

  17. General comment - author unknown [PDF]

  18. Norman Douglas [PDF]

  19. George Margolin [PDF]

  20. George Margolin [PDF]
  21. Richard Ditzik [PDF]
  22. Hal Stribling [PDF]
  23. William Thompson [PDF]
  24. Mark Protsik [PDF]
  25. Center for Advanced Study on Intellectual Property, the University of Washington School of Law [PDF]
  26. Mary Russell Sarao [PDF]
  27. Barbara Russell Pitts [PDF]
  28. H.W.Rosen [PDF]
  29. Ed Suominen [PDF]
  30. IBM Corporation
  31. Joanne Hayes-Rines [PDF]
  32. Peter Theis [PDF]
  33. Andrew Anderson [PDF]
  34. Mike Kirk [PDF]
  35. Biotechnology Industry Organization [PDF]
  36. Intellectual Property Owners Association [PDF]

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