USPTO Systems of Records Notices

The following System of Records Notices (SORNs) provide formal notice to the public regarding groups of records from which information is retrieved by personal identifiers.  It is required by the Privacy Act of 1974 for records under control of any agency. Rules exempting systems of records from certain Privacy Act requirements are in 28 CFR Part 16, Subpart E.

Department of Commerce SORNs

Please click here to access the Department of Commerce's Office of Privacy and Open Government System of Record Notices for both USPTO Bureau-specific notices as well as Department-wide Notices.


PAT/TM-1 Attorneys and Agents Registered or Recognized to Practice Before the Office [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-2 Complaints, Investigations and Disciplinary Proceedings Relating to Attorneys and Agents Registered or Recognized to Practice Before the Office [DOC OPOG] [PDF]

PAT/TM-3 Employee Production Records [DOC OPOG] [WORD]

PAT/TM-4 Government Employees Invention Rights [DOC OPOG] [WORD]

PAT/TM-5 Non-Registered Persons Rendering Assistance to Patent Applicants [DOC OPOG] [PDF]

PAT/TM-6 Parties Involved in Patent Interference Proceedings [DOC OPOG] [PDF]

PAT/TM-7 Patent Application Files [DOC OPOG] [PDF]

PAT/TM-8 Patent Application Secrecy Order Files [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-9 Patent Assignment Records [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-10 Deposit Accounts and Electronic Funds Transfer Profiles [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-11 Patent Examiner Testimony Files [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-12 Patent Subscription Service System [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-13 Petitioners for License to File for Foreign Patents [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-14 Users of Public Facilities of the Patent and Trademark Office [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-15 System for Maintenance of Invention Promoter Complaints [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-16 USPTO PKI Registration and Maintenance System [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-17 USPTO Security Access Control and Certificate Systems [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-18 USPTO Identification and Security Access Control Systems [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-19 Dissemination Events and Registrations [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-20 Customer Call Center, Assistance and Satisfaction Survey Records [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-21 National Medal of Technology and Innovation Nominations [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-22 Patent e-Commerce Database. [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-23 User Access for Web Portals and Information Requests. [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

PAT/TM-24 Background Investigations [DOC OPOG] [PDF] 

Prefatory Statement of General Routine Uses [TEXT] [PDF]

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