Steps for Transmitting a Large Volume of Evidence Electronically

To transmit a large volume of evidence through the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), the user must create proper PDF attachments, with all files sized less than 5 megabytes (MB) and satisfying additional PDF requirements (look for the specific FAQ question "Does TEAS have specific PDF requirements?")

A user can check the size of a PDF file by first selecting "File" in the Adobe viewer program. Then select "Document Properties" to see the file size and other information about the PDF file. A document that contains mostly textual information will allow more pages in a 5 MB document. However, if creating a PDF with many images in the file, fewer pages can be created to stay within the 5 MB limit. Before attempting any file upload, it is best to create a file and confirm the size and then use the information gained from the first file as a guide to create subsequent files that are also under the 5 MB limit.

NOTE: Generally, no specific limit exists for the number of PDF files that can be attached, as long as each individual file does not exceed the 5 MG limit. However, If an exceedingly large number of attachments are to be submitted, it may be necessary on occasion to split the filing, if possible (e.g., with a response to Office action rather than an initial application) into two or more filings.