Post registration audit program statistics

The following data show a running total of audit actions and various other statistics since the inception of the audit program in November, 2017.  This data is updated quarterly.

Audit actions to date

Type of actionNov 2017 - Dec 2022
First office actions issued23,825
Registrations with a response deleting goods/services/classes50%
Total registration cancellations3,032

Represented by U.S. attorney

Attorney representationNov 2017 - Dec 2022
Respondents represented by U.S. attorney83%
Unrepresented respondents17%

Deletions by filing basis

Registrations deleting goods/services/classesNov 2017 - Dec 2022
Section 1(a)45%
Section 44(e)65%
Section 66(a)68%
Combined Sections 1(a) and 44(e)67%

Percentage of responses reviewed that included a deletion

The table below represents the most recent six months and is updated quarterly, you can also view prior years' monthly deletion rates

December 202243%
November 202250%
October 202253%
September 202248%
August 202245%
July 202243%