Public Comments on Amending the First Filing Deadline for Affidavits or Declarations of Use or Excusable Nonuse: Daniel A. Young, Sr.

From: Daniel A. Young, Sr. []

Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 10:57 PM

To: TM FR Notices

Cc: Harry Coleman; Daily Dispatch

Subject: Resident opposes amending First Filing or Excusable nonuse


As a minority entrepreneur, I believe that any "...legislaltive change to amend the first filing deadline for Affidavits or Declarations of Use or Excusable Nonuse under Sections 8 and 71 of the Trade Mark Act..., as I understand it, would be detrimental, and prejudicial to those similarly situated as myself, [Founder of the National Tennis Teacher's College (1976),since I am not an attorney, and cannot afford legal assistance to protect my rights, as inventor of the ACE-Maker, other copyrighted articles, which my documents show should be on file.

I filed and believe I copyrighted several items with the Department of Commerce as I was instructed, and considered my mark, and submissions were protected.

As a minority entrepreneur, I don't have the staff, wherewithall, money, time to constantly survey, investigate, or litigate any claim jumping which might occur to protect my registration, and copyright. I'm simply trying to start a viable business, that I see is needed.

Further, if I were to attempt to represent myself in a court of law, which I have attempted to do in North Carolina, the legal system is such a monopoly that judges would not, and have not given--in my opinion--fair time, and consideration of my other claims for financial, and political reasons.

Daniel A. Young, Sr.

Henderson, N.C.

Daniel A. Young, Sr.


"Being silent when we should protest makes cowards of us all." Abe Lincoln