Steps for Searching the PDF Version of the Official Gazette (TMOG)

To search the PDF version of the Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG), follow these steps:

1. Locate the date that the mark was published for opposition by entering the serial number in Trademark Status and Document Retrieval and clicking "Status." The information will appear under the "Prosecution History" tab as the date that the mark "Published for Opposition."

2. Click on "Trademark Official Gazette" for the date corresponding to the publication date.

3. Wait for the TMOG to download completely (you may monitor the download progress at the bottom left of the page).

4. Locate the icon that is called either "Search" or "Find."

5. In the "Search" box, enter any literal element of the mark, the name of the applicant (for individual: last name, first name), the serial number (using the hyphen and comma in this format: 77-545,528), or the registration number (using commas in this format: 4,181,096).

6. View the retrieved result(s). If multiple results appear in the "Results" box, click directly on each "Search Term" shown in the box to access all separate listings in the TMOG.