Avoid processing delays with your trademark filings

When filing your initial application, a response form, or a post registration form check the following list to see if you can implement any of the tips. These actions may help decrease the time it takes for us to review your filing:

  • If filing TEAS Standard, please use identifications from our ID Manual because it will populate with the International Class. If using the ID Manual isn’t possible, always include the likely International Class. We’ll work with you to figure it out during the examination process.  
  • Respond as soon as possible to formal communications, like office actions. This provides you more time to address any issues raised in the office action and any unexpected IT issues prior to a statutory deadline. We’ll also be able to move applications through prosecution quicker.   
  • Use the dedicated fields in our electronic TEAS forms to fully respond to all issues raised in office actions. This includes providing alternative arguments and resolutions in the appropriate dedicated fields. When responding to procedural requirements (e.g., identification, disclaimer, translation), simply fill in the appropriate data fields with your proposed changes, and provide further information only where required or where necessary to explain the proposed changes. Avoid including a separate explanation as an attachment unless it’s necessary for further explanation because it will take more time to review. 
  • For routine issues that can be resolved quickly by an informal communication, reach out to your assigned examining attorney by phone or email with detailed instructions on the changes you would like to make. Examining attorneys can issue examiner’s amendments to make minor changes and resolve straight-forward issues, that could make the application ready to approve for publication.