USPTO delays the effective date for identity verification requirement for trademark filers

Published on: 03/25/2022 14:36 PM



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USPTO delays the effective date for identity verification requirement for trademark filers

With trademark fraud a growing problem (see our blog here), identity verification is integral to the protection of legitimate filers and the integrity of the federal trademark register. Since USPTO launched its trademark filer verification processes in January, in advance of the previously scheduled date of April 9 for the identity verification becoming mandatory, filers choosing to verify their identities have had the option to do so via a notarized paper process, or electronically via an online digital process through To date, more than 20,000 filers have elected to verify their identities, and identity verification will continue to serve as an additional tool to bring more security to the filing process and our trademark register.

USPTO strives to ensure the tools utilized to verify trademark filers are equitable, inclusive, and secure. Accordingly, as the USPTO evaluates and solicits feedback on our online digital identity verification option, we are announcing that we are postponing the April 9 effective date upon which identity verification was scheduled to become mandatory. A new effective date will be announced at the appropriate time with reasonable advance notice.

Those who elect to complete the identity verification process before the effective date may do so using either the notarized paper identity verification process or the online digital identity verification process.

We will continue to keep the public updated. More information can be found at ID verification for trademark filers and questions can be emailed to


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