Memos Regarding Mail Delays from Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy to TC Directors

On February 15, 2002, Memos I and II (attached PDFs) were sent by Stephen G. Kunin, Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy to the Patent Examining Corps Directors setting forth the Office policies for resetting and remailing Office actions (or notices) due to (both incoming and outgoing) mail delays. Although both memos reference attachments, the attachments to the memos are not being posted as they are only needed for internal usage and processing purposes. Questions regarding the content of either memo should be directed to an advisor in the Office of Patent Legal Administration at (703) 308-6906.

Memo I: Resetting Period for Reply and Remailing and Remailing Office Communications when Outgoing Office Mail is Delayed [PDF]

Memo II: Treatment of (1) Replies filed by Pro Se Applicants without the Benefit of 37 CFR 1.8 or 1.10 and (2) After-Final Amendments that are Untimely due to Incoming Mail Delays [PDF]