Public Comments - Revised Interim Guidelines for Examination

Public Comments on the United States Patent and Trademark Office
"Revised Interim Guidelines for Examination of Patent Applications
Under the 35 U.S.C. § 112, ¶1 ‘Written Description’ Requirement"

64 FR 71427, Dec. 21, 1999


NOTE: Comments submitted in electronic form were reformatted for margin and font consistency. Comments submitted on paper were scanned. Comments were listed alphabetically by individuals and then by organizations. Comments that addressed both the Utility and the Written Description Guidelines have been reproduced in both comment packages.
Comment 1Cristina Azevedo
Comment 2Karen S. Bentley
Comment 3Philip L. Bereano
Comment 4Alder S. Bourinbaiar
Comment 5Elizabeth Bravo
Comment 6Richard Broome
Comment 7Don Burgett
Comment 8W. Robinson H. Clark et al.
Comment 9Liberty Coates
Comment 10Gary Colby
Comment 11Iver Cooper
Comment 12George Corey
Comment 13Deirdre Cummings
Comment 14Jill Davies
Comment 15Stanislaus J. Dundon
Comment 16Samuel S. Epstein
Comment 17Paul Fehlner
Comment 18Laurie Ferreri
Comment 19Thomas G. Field, Jr.
Comment 20Bill Freese
Comment 21Barry Hindmarch
Comment 22Helen Jones
Comment 23Gary Kah
Comment 24Jonathan King
Comment 25Christian Lacoste
Comment 26Herbert Lass
Comment 27Rod Leonard
Comment 28Glenda Lindsay
Comment 29Ann Lindsey
Comment 31Ed Muniak
Comment 32Nell Newman
Comment 33Frances Oliver
Comment 34Steve Openshaw
Comment 35Valerie J. Phillips
Comment 36Harris A. Pitlick
Comment 37Mora Rogers
Comment 38Kate Savannah
Comment 39Donald Sawyer
Comment 40Belia Schuurman
Comment 41Andrew Taynton
Comment 42Jesus Juanos i Timoneda
Comment 43John O. Tresansky
Comment 44Carlos A. Vicente
Comment 45Sally Whelan
Comment 46Kelley Wiley
Comment 47Mary Wiley
Comment 48Warren D. Woessner
Comment 49American Bar Association, Section of Intellectual Property Law/ Gregory J. Maier
Comment 50American College of Medical Genetics/ R. Rodney Howell
Comment 51American Intellectual Property Law Association/ Louis T. Pirkey
Comment 52American Society of Human Genetics/ Ronald Worton
Comment 53Association of American Medical Colleges/ Jordan J. Cohen
Comment 54BioIndustry Association / Andrew G. Sheard
Comment 55Biotechnology Industry Organization / Charles E. Ludlam
Comment 56Boston Women's Health Book Collective / Anna M. Pohl
Comment 57Council for Responsible Genetics / Claire Nader
Comment 58Eli Lilly and Co. / Amy E. Hamilton
Comment 59Genentech, Inc. / Sean A. Johnston
Comment 60Genzyme Corporation / Steve Lazar
Comment 61MJ Research, Incorporated / Michael Finney
Comment 62National Association of Patent Practitioners / Joy Bryant
Comment 63National Breast Cancer Coalition / Fran Visco
Comment 64National Institutes of Health / Jack Spiegel
Comment 65National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. / Abbey S. Meyers
Comment 66Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics, New Zealand / Jean Anderson

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