Comments on Request for Comments on Enhancing Patent Quality

The following comments have been submitted in response to the notice titled, "Request for Comments on Enhancing Patent Quality" published in the Federal Register at 80 Fed. Reg. 6475 (February 5, 2015) and in the Official Gazette at 1414 OG 76 (May 5, 2015).  The comment period was extended in the notice titled, "Extension of the Period for Comments on Enhancing Patent Quality" published in the Federal Register at 80 Fed. Reg. 26914 (May 11, 2015).

The deadline to submit comments was May 20, 2015.

If you submitted a comment that does not appear below, please send an email to

Please note that the following documents are posted as originally received but may contain artifacts of scanning, OCR, or document format conversion.  All files require a PDF viewer.

A. Intellectual Property Organizations and other Associations

  1. American Intellectual Property Law Association (20May2015)
  2. American Chemical Society (04May2015)
  3. Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (05May2015)
  4. Coalition for Patent and Trademark Information Dissemination (06May2015)
  5. Electronic Frontier Foundation, Engine Advocacy, and Public Knowledge (06May2015)
  6. Federal Circuit Bar Association (20May2015)
  7. Internet Association (06May2015)
  8. Intellectual Property Owners Association (06May2015)
  9. New York Intellectual Property Law Association (26Jun2015)
  10. Software & Information Industry Association (06May2015)
  11. United Inventors' Association of America (20May2015)
  12. U.S. Section of FICPI (06May2015)

B. Government Agencies

  1.  Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice (06May2015)

C. Academic and Research Institutions

D. Law Firms

  1. Beem Patent Law Firm (06May2015)

E. Companies

  1. Askeladden L.L.C. (07May2015)
  2. Cisco Systems, Inc. and Google Inc. (06May2015)
  3. Dell Inc. (06May2015)
  4. IBM Corporation (30Apr2015)
  5. Innovation Alliance (06May2015)
  6. Intel Corporation (06May2015)
  7. ipCreate, Inc. (06May2015)
  8. Minesoft (24Apr2015)
  9. Mozilla (06May2015)
  10. Patent Navigation Inc. (16May2015)

F. Individuals

  1. Abadilla, Patrick (17Mar2015)
  2. Aldo (25Mar2015)
  3. Almon, Richard (07May2015)
  4. Anonymous (05Feb2015)
  5. Anonymous (01Mar2015)
  6. Anonymous (10Mar2015)
  7. Anonymous (29Apr2015)
  8. Bauer, Don (13Mar2015)
  9. Bjorkman, Dale (09Mar2015)
  10. Brown, Michael (10Mar2015)
  11. Brown, Michael (10Mar2015) (2)
  12. Bunker, Bill (12Apr2015)
  13. Carson, John (13Apr2015)
  14. Chao, Bernard (13Apr2015)
  15. Chin, Andrew (16May2015)
  16. Clifford, Ralph (07Apr2015)
  17. Clizer, John (09Apr2015)
  18. Cohen, Lauren (05May2015)
  19. Cole, Paul (06May2015)
  20. Contreras, Jorge (06May2015)
  21. Crockett, Robert (23Jun2015)
  22. D C (26Mar2015)
  23. Durkin, Tracy and Gajewski, Daniel (05May2015)
  24. Evans, Daniel (23Apr2015)
  25. Fish, Robert and Prieto, Tomas (20May2015)
  26. Frakes, Michael and Wasserman, Melissa (29Apr2015)
  27. Frakes, Michael and Wasserman, Melissa (30Apr2015)
  28. Franklin, Lawrence (05May2015)
  29. Franklin, Thomas (06May2015)
  30. Franklin, Thomas (07May2015)
  31. Fryer, William (06May2015)
  32. Gaudry, Kate (06May2015) (1)
  33. Gaudry, Kate (06May2015) (2)
  34. Gaudry, Kate (06May2015) (3)
  35. Gaudry, Kate (06May2015) (4)
  36. Gianola, Adam (06May2015)
  37. Gianola, Adam (06May2015) (2)
  38. Gorecki, John (05Feb2015)
  39. Grantham, Robert (17Mar2015)
  40. Grantham, Robert (18Mar2015)
  41. Greenstein, Mark (04May2015)
  42. Greenstein, Mark (05May2015)
  43. Grogan, Ray (24Apr2015)
  44. Guerrini, Christi (20May2015)
  45. Gunderman, Robert (19May2015)
  46. Gurun, Umit (05May2015)
  47. Heynssens, Paul (24Apr2015)
  48. Hill, Travis (13Apr2015)
  49. Hopkins, Julie (06May2015)
  50. Jardine, Jason (13Apr2015)
  51. Johnson, Morgan (04Mar2015)
  52. Katz, Robert and Mottley, Darrell (06May2015)
  53. Katznelson, Ron (19May2015)
  54. Katznelson, Ron (19May2015) (2)
  55. Keller, Martin (04May2015)
  56. Kennefick, Christine (24Mar2015)
  57. Kitces, Matt (06May2015)
  58. Kominers, Scott Duke (05May2015)
  59. Lemley, Mark (21Apr2015)
  60. Lezak, Angel (06May2015)
  61. Love, Brian (06May2015)
  62. Mannige, Alana (16Feb2015)
  63. Martin, Thomas (02Mar2015)
  64. McDermott, Robert (23Apr2015)
  65. Menell, Peter (05May2015)
  66. Mirabel, Eric (22Apr2015)
  67. Ourednik, John (17Apr2015)
  68. Pak, C. Wook and Nielson, Mark (20May2015)
  69. Quillen, Cecil (30Apr2015)
  70. Risch, Michael (21Apr2015)
  71. Schindler, Sigram (06May2015)
  72. Schwartz, et al. (06May2015)
  73. Sheldon, Jeffrey (19Apr2015)
  74. Sichelman, Ted (06May2015)
  75. Silverman, Alex (25Mar2015)
  76. Silverman, Alex (26Mar2015)
  77. Silverman, Alex (04May2015)
  78. Simon, Brenda (06May2015)
  79. Stein, David (06May2015)
  80. Wegner, Harold (06May2015)
  81. Wegner, Harold (02Jun2015)
  82. Wegner, Harold (03Jun2015)
  83. Williams, Miriam and Bandyopadhyay, Dr. T.K. (15Jun2015)
  84. Wolff, John (07May2015)