Comments Regarding Claims Practice

Prior to May 6, 2006, the organizations and persons listed below have submitted comments in response to the Changes to Practice for the Examination of Claims in Patent Applications, Notice of proposed rule making, first published in the Federal Register at 71 Fed. Reg. 61 (January 3, 2006) and then published in the Official Gazette at 1302 Off. Gaz. Pat. Office 1329 (January 24, 2006).

It is hoped that the public will review this list of comments submitted prior to May 6, 2006, to determine if it is complete. If any person or organization has submitted comments prior to May 6, 2006, but is not included in this listing, please submit the comment by electronic mail message to , or contact Robert A. Clarke by telephone at (571) 272-7735.

The comments below are grouped into the following categories: intellectual property organizations, government agencies, corporations, and individuals. Each comment is attributed to the individual submitting the comment unless the comment indicates it is made on behalf of an organization.

Please note that the following documents are provided as submitted by persons and organizations but may contain spelling corrections, artifacts of scanning, OCR, or document format conversion.

A. Intellectual Property Organizations and Government Agencies

  1. ABA-Intellectual Property Law [PDF]
  2. American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) [PDF]
  3. Bar Association of the District of Columbia, PTC Section [PDF]
  4. Boston Patent Law Association, Committee on Patent Office Practice [PDF]
  5. Japanese Intellectual Property Association (JIPA) [PDF]
  6. Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago (IPLAC) [PDF]
  7. Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) [PDF]
  8. Intellectual Ventures, LLC [PDF]
  9. Inventors Alliance [PDF]
  10. Minnesota Intellectual Property Law Association (MIPLA), Chemical and Biotech Practice Committee [PDF]
  11. Minnesota Intellectual Property Law Association (MIPLA), Intellectual Property Law Revisions Committee [PDF]
  12. Minnesota Intellectual Property Law Association (MIPLA), Patent Prosecution Committee [PDF]
  13. National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP) [PDF]
  14. New York Intellectual Property Law Association (NYIPLA) [PDF]
  15. North Carolina Bar Association, Intellectual Property Law Section [PDF]
  16. Northern Virginia Patent Lawyers Club (NVPLC) [PDF]
  17. Ohio State Bar Association, Intellectual Property Law Section [PDF]
  18. Oregon Patent Law Association (OPLA) [PDF]
  19. Patent Public Advisory Committee of the USPTO [PDF]
  20. Pennsylvania Intellectual Property Forum [PDF]
  21. Philadelphia Intellectual Property Law Association [PDF]
  22. San Diego Intellectual Property Law Association (SDIPLA) [PDF]
  23. U.S. Department of Juustice, Antitrust Division [PDF]
  24. U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Office of Advocacy (Advocacy) [PDF]
  25. Washington State Patent Law Association [PDF]

B. Corporations and Associations

  1. 3M Innovative Properties Company [PDF]
  2. Altera Corporation [PDF]
  3. Amgen [PDF]
  4. Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. [PDF]
  5. Anatomic Research, Inc. [PDF]
  6. Apple Computer, Inc. [PDF]
  7. Bally Technologies [PDF]
  8. BASF AG [PDF]
  9. Biogen Idec, Inc. [PDF]
  10. Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) [PDF]
  11. Brigham and Women's Hospital - CSRL [PDF]
  12. Caterpillar Inc. [PDF]
  13. Council on Government Relations [PDF]
  14. Eastman Kodak Company [PDF]
  15. E. I. du Pont Nemours and Company [PDF]
  16. Eli Lilly and Company [PDF]
  17. GlaxoSmithKline [PDF]
  18. Heritage Woods, Inc. [PDF]
  19. Human Genome Sciences, Inc. [PDF]
  20. IBM Corporation [PDF]
  21. InterDigital Communication Corporation [PDF]
  22. Massachussetts General Hospital-CSRL [PDF]
  23. Maxygen, Inc. [PDF]
  24. Medarex, Inc. [PDF]
  25. Microsoft Corporation [PDF]
  26. Miller Patent Services [PDF]
  27. National Venture Capital Association [PDF]
  28. Novartis Vaccines Diagnostics, Inc. [PDF]
  29. Pfizer, Inc. [PDF]
  30. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) [PDF]
  31. SanDisk Corporation [PDF]
  32. Telik, Inc. [PDF]
  33. Texas Instruments [PDF]
  34. University of California [PDF]
  35. Walker Digital Management, LLC [PDF]
  36. Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation [PDF]
  37. Wyeth [PDF]
  38. ZymoGenetics, Inc. [PDF]

C. Law Firms

  1. Bachman & LaPointe, PC [PDF]
  2. CantorColburn, LLP [PDF]
  3. Greenblum & Bernstein, PLC [PDF]
  4. Ladas & Parry, LLP [PDF]
  5. Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik, LLP [PDF]
  6. Lilling & Lilling [PDF]
  7. Pearne & Gordon, LLP [PDF]
  8. McManus & Associates [PDF]
  9. Tillman Wright, PLLC [PDF]
  10. Webb Law Firm [PDF]

D. Individuals

  1. Alderucci, Dean [PDF]
  2. Ali, Johanara [PDF]
  3. Alpert, Paul [PDF]
  4. Anderson, Andrew [PDF]
  5. Angres, Isaac [PDF]
  6. Anonymous [PDF]
  7. Anonymous (2) [PDF]
  8. Anonymous(3) [PDF]
  9. Bahrampour, Robert [PDF]
  10. Barschall, Anne [PDF]
  11. Borson, D. Benjamin [PDF]
  12. Bozicevic, Karl [PDF]
  13. Breneman, Richard [PDF]
  14. Broome, Kerry [PDF]
  15. Broome, Kerry (2) [PDF]
  16. Brothers, Lisa [PDF]
  17. Californiaa, Erica [PDF]
  18. Callaghan, Terry [PDF]
  19. Carter, Mark [PDF]
  20. Chambers, Kent [PDF]
  21. Cochran, Adam [PDF]
  22. Cochran, Scott [PDF]
  23. Cook, Dale et al. [PDF]
  24. Copeland-Carr, Rose Marie [PDF]
  25. Cornish, Judge [PDF]
  26. Davidson, Michael [PDF]
  27. Desenberg, Roger [PDF]
  28. Desenberg, Roger (2) [PDF]
  29. Detlaff, Dan [PDF]
  30. Dove, Barry [PDF]
  31. Farris, Barry [PDF]
  32. Fisher, James [PDF]
  33. Foster, Frank [PDF]
  34. Foster, Glenn [PDF]
  35. Freedman, Immanuel [PDF]
  36. Freyberg, Derek [PDF]
  37. Gibb III, Frederick [PDF]
  38. Godici, Nicholas [PDF]
  39. Green, Grant [PDF]
  40. Greenstein, Mark [PDF]
  41. Gurrola, Allen [PDF]
  42. Hale, Byron [PDF]
  43. Harrington, Mark [PDF]
  44. Harris, Scott [PDF]
  45. Haughey, Paul [PDF]
  46. Haynes, Michael [PDF]
  47. Hodgson, Rodney [PDF]
  48. Hoffberg, Steven [PDF]
  49. Hollaar, Lee [PDF]
  50. Holman, David [PDF]
  51. Ingerman, Jeffrey [PDF]
  52. Ishimaru, Mikio [PDF]
  53. Jennings, Earle [PDF]
  54. Jocke, Ralph [PDF]
  55. Kalis, Janal [PDF]
  56. Kawar, Maher [PDF]
  57. Kirschner, Michael [PDF]
  58. Kolker, Daniel [PDF]
  59. Lamar, David [PDF]
  60. Lewis, David [PDF]
  61. Lord, Robert and Dossa, Aly [PDF]
  62. Lynch, Edward [PDF]
  63. Mahurin, Jerry et al. [PDF]
  64. Maire, David [PDF]
  65. Margolin, George [PDF]
  66. McDonald, Alan [PDF]
  67. McGlew, John [PDF]
  68. Melius, John [PDF]
  69. Metzger, David [PDF]
  70. Meyers, Philip [PDF]
  71. Miller, Robert [PDF]
  72. Moore, Steven [PDF]
  73. Moore, Steven (2) [PDF]
  74. Moran, Tom [PDF]
  75. Moreno, Rudy [PDF]
  76. Mullin III, James [PDF]
  77. Mullin, Keith [PDF]
  78. Ng, David [PDF]
  79. Niles, Reginald [PDF]
  80. Northrup, Charles [PDF]
  81. Nugent, Elizabeth [PDF]
  82. Nunez, Jordany [PDF]
  83. Orange, David [PDF]
  84. Pabst, Patrea [PDF]
  85. Pacholok, David [PDF]
  86. Palmer, Alun [PDF]
  87. Parise, Frank [PDF]
  88. Parmalee, Steven [PDF]
  89. Patent Attorney [PDF]
  90. Petruzelli, Justin [PDF]
  91. Plumly, Margaret [PDF]
  92. Pollack, Linda [PDF]
  93. Polley, Dan [PDF]
  94. Pope, Lawrence [PDF]
  95. Raizen, Deborah [PDF]
  96. Rarang, Joel [PDF]
  97. Regala, Alan [PDF]
  98. Retter, Jim [PDF]
  99. Richter, Sheldon [PDF]
  100. Rimell, Sam [PDF]
  101. Ruffner, Bryan [PDF]
  102. Sainio, Jeffrey [PDF]
  103. Schar, Brian [PDF]
  104. Stanton, Gerald [PDF]
  105. Stavoe, James [PDF]
  106. Stayton, Bob [PDF]
  107. Steen, Edward [PDF]
  108. Steinberg, Dan [PDF]
  109. Strathman, Michael [PDF]
  110. Tanner III, Daniel [PDF]
  111. Taylor, Jason [PDF]
  112. Vanderhye, Bob [PDF]
  113. VanVoorhies, Kurt [PDF]
  114. Venturino, Anthony [PDF]
  115. Wasil, Daniel [PDF]
  116. Wegner, Harold [PDF]
  117. Weiffenbach, Cameron [PDF]
  118. West, Mary Jo [PDF]
  119. Wigmore, Steven [PDF]
  120. Williams, Gary [PDF]
  121. Wolfe, Mark [PDF]
  122. Wolff, Kevin [PDF]
  123. Wong, Charles [PDF]
  124. Wright, Lee [PDF]
  125. Yang, James [PDF]

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