Comments on July 2007 Examination of Patent Applications That Include Claims Containing Alternative Language

Archival material: Information contained in archival materials was correct at the time of original publication. Some information may no longer be applicable or available. For example, amendments may have been made to the rules of practice since the original date of a publication, there may have been a change in any fees indicated, and certain references to publications may no longer be valid. Wherever there is a reference to a statute or rule, please check carefully whether the statute or rule in force at the date of publication of the advice has since been amended.

As of September 30, 2008, the organizations and persons listed below have submitted comments in response to the town hall meeting on industrial designs held June 16, 2008. See and the original notice, Notice of Town Hall Meeting on the Protection of Industrial Designs.

If any person or organization has submitted comments that are not included in this listing, please submit the comment by electronic mail message to, or contact Karin Ferriter by telephone at (571) 272-9300.

The comments below are grouped into the following categories: corporations and associations, and attorneys and law firms. Each comment is attributed to the individual submitting the comment unless the comment indicates it is made on behalf of an organization.

Please note that the following documents are posted as originally received in the BPAI Rules inbox but may contain spelling corrections, artifacts of scanning, OCR, or document format conversion.

Corporations and Associations

  1. American Insurance Association, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, and Property Casualty Insurers Association of America [PDF]
  2. Black & Decker Corporation [PDF]
  3. Coalition for Auto Repair Equality [PDF]
  4. Consumer Federation of America [PDF]
  5. Ford Motor Company [PDF]
  6. LKQ Corporation and Quality Parts Coalition [PDF]
  7. National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies [PDF]
  8. Nationwide [PDF]
  9. Polaris Industries, Inc. and BRP US Inc. [PDF]
  10. RetireSafe [PDF]

Attorneys and Law Firms

  1. Patricia E. Hong [PDF]
  2. William T. Fryer III [PDF]