What Users Have to Say About USPTO's Track One Prioritized Patent Examination Program

"Track One can greatly reduce the time it takes to obtain a patent. Based on our experience, Track One dramatically accelerates the response time of the PTO. Ultimately, Track One allowed us to receive a notice of allowance only 54 days after the initial filing date of the patent application. Expedited prosecution is important to our company because of the perpetual threat of infringing competitive products within our industry. This, combined with the shortened product cycle within our industry, can justify the additional fees associated with Track One."

Randy K. Chang
Patent Counsel
Acushnet Company

"Track One exceeded my best expectations. Without the extra speed, our client would have been in a vulnerable position. If you need to move fast against serious competition, I would recommend this option."

Thomas Presson
Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP

"My client decided to take advantage of Track One because we believed infringement by a competitor was imminent. We filed using Track One and received a first Office Action on the merits two months later. Our examiner was exceptional. The Office Action was thoughtful and complete; the prior art search was thorough. We were able to secure for our client a Notice of Allowance less than 3 months after the initial filing date. The patent was issued six weeks later.

I have nothing but good things to say about both of my Track One experiences. My thanks to the USPTO for taking this initiative."

(name withheld)

"Greatbatch has taken advantage of the Track One application program on several occasions. While the Track One Request fee is an additional cost, for select inventions it is money well spent. For one invention with particular importance, the patent issued to Greatbatch less than three months after the application was filed. Now that's service!"

Michael F. Scalise, Esq.
Ex. Dir., Intellectual Property Mgt.
Greatbatch, Inc.

"My clients and I have had excellent experiences with the USPTO's new Track One program. One client filed a continuation application under Track One including important claims; the patent issued within four months, and the client filed a lawsuit against an infringer shortly thereafter. It was incredibly helpful for my client to go from filing an application to having an issued patent so quickly. My client views the Track One fees as money very well spent and will file other critical patent applications under Track One in the future. I, too, am a believer in the effectiveness of this option."

(name withheld)