IDA Info - Attach JPEG Reproductions

Reproductions may be submitted as drawings, photographs, or a combination thereof, and may be in black and white or in color. Technical requirements regarding image files such as resolution, minimum and maximum image size, border width, etc., are set forth on the WIPO website at

Reproductions should be submitted as single page PDF or JPEG files by attaching the file(s) using the “Attach Reproductions” section of the “Attach Documents” screen. While it is possible to submit reproductions as a PDF using the “Attach Documents other than Reproductions” section, it is strongly recommended that reproductions be submitted using the “Attach Reproductions” section, rather than the “Attach Documents other than Reproductions”, as this may help to avoid incurring additional per page publication fees that might otherwise be required by the International Bureau. 

The procedure for attaching the reproductions via the “Attach Reproductions” section is as follows:

  • Step 1: Click on the “Browse/Choose File” button to search your computer for the document to be uploaded. Note: Only images in JPEG or PDF format may be attached in this section.
  • Step 2: Once the document is uploaded, you will need to index it correctly. When attaching views the “Category” drop down menu will not be available as the only application part being attached in this section is Drawings. Using the “Document Description” drop down menu indicate whether the drawing being attached is Black and White or Other than Black and White.