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The new and improved Patent Center e-Office Action program is designed to notify applicants, via e-mail, when a new Office communication is available for viewing and downloading in Patent Center. Applicants who opt-in to the program will receive a daily e-mail notification that will replace the postal mailing of an Office communication. Program participation is optional and is based on patent applications that are associated to a Customer Number.


e-Office Action Benefits

Receive automatic e-mail notifications when new Office communication is available in Patent Center and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • A modern alternative to receiving paper Office communication via postal mail
  • e-mail notifications can be several days faster than postal mail
  • e-mail notification provides comprehensive information regarding the new Office communication
  • Minimize risks associated with delayed or lost Office communication sent by mail
  • View and download correspondence in Patent Center to expedite the availability of docketed Office communication.
  • Reduce paper processing errors and costs

e-Office Action Program Flexibility and Enrollment

Elect to opt-in or opt-out of the e-Office Action program at anytime.

  • Provide up to three e-mail addresses to receive e-mail notification to ensure complete personnel and office location coverage
  • e-mail notifications sent daily including weekends
  • Receive the reminder postcard electronically when none of the new Office communications have been viewed within seven calendar days after receipt of e-mail notification and at least one of the Office communications requires an applicant's reply
  • Simply select the option to "Receive Correspondence Notification via e-Mail" in Patent Center on the Customer Details for Customer Number screen
  • JOIN TODAY! Visit Patent Center to opt-in to the e-Office Action program

e-Office Action Changes

To ensure the e-notification is received properly, inform your Information Technology Department of the following changes:

  • The "Subject" of the email has been changed to: “USPTO: Patent Electronic System - Correspondence Notification for Customer Number XXXXXX” where "XXXXXX" is your customer number
  • The "Sender" email address has been changed to: "noreply@uspto.gov"
  • If third party software is used to extract correspondence information, the vendor may need to modify their software.  Download the sample Patent Center e-Office Action email and forward to the vendor.

e-Office Action FAQ's

Additional Resources

Federal Register Notice | Patent Center | Quick Start Guide 

Full technical support is available through the Patent Electronic Business Center (EBC) at 866-217-9197 (toll-free) or at 571-272-4100 from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, or by e-mail at ebc@uspto.gov.