2017 Notice of Changes



Notice of  Change



Month of 2017

368 RP0309-C C08G January
366 RP0410 A61B, A61C, B01F, B05C, B21K, B29C, B65D February
364 RP0404 H04B February
363 RP0403 A44B, B32B, B60K, B60N, B60Q, B60R, G01D, G02B, G12B February
359 MP0341 F21V February
358 MP0340 F21S February
357 MP0331 A23P February
356 MP0336 H01M January
355 RP0412 A21C, A21D, A47G January
354 RP0409 A61B, B60R, G01B, G01C, G01J, G01S, G05B, G05D, G06F, G06K, G06T, G08B, H04N January
353 RP0399 C07C, C12P, D06L, D06M, D06P, G21H January
352 RP0414 A01K, G06M January
351 MP0330 A23K January
349 RP0304-F H01F January
348 RP0416 F16M, F21L, F21V, H01F, H02K February
347 RP0415 A47B, E05B February
346 RP0408 A47B, A47F, A47G, A47L, E05F, F16C, F24C January
345 RP0406 B21J, B23P, B23Q, B29C, B60P, B60S, B60V, B64B, B64C, B64D, B64F, G01R   January
344 RP0405 B01J, B01D, C07C, G01N January
343 RP0400 G11C, H01L January
342 MP0338 F21H January
340 MP0335 G09G January
339 MP0329 E01F, E02D January
338 MP0328 H01F January
337 MP0322 C30B, G06F, G11B, H04N February
336 MP0319 A24B, A45D, A47L, B01D, B01J, B07C, B60R, B65D, C10J, D01D, D01G, F01C, F01K, F01N, F04C, F15B, F16F, F16H, F16N, F22B, F23H, F24B, F26B, F41A, F41B, G01F, G01M    February
335 MP0318 B29C January
327 RP0377 B23P, E04H, F03D, F05B, H02K, H02S February
323 DP0171 H02P January
293 RP0335 G01R January