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Note: If an official filing date has not yet been assigned to an application, a certified copy cannot be requested and the PAIR links for ordering certified copies will be made inactive. Once an official filing date is assigned, the links will be made available.

Note: For international design applications (applications for international registration), PAIR users will be unable to order a certified copy of the application from the USPTO.  Accordingly, the “Order Certified Application As Filed” hyperlink will be inactive.  Please contact the International Bureau (IB) of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to obtain a certified copy of international design applications.

Records available from the USPTO may be certified as true copies by the Patent and Trademark Copy Fulfillment Branch. Certified copies are authenticated by the USPTO ribbon and seal with the signature of an authorized certifying officer.

Certified Application As Filed includes the original application documents and is commonly used when filing abroad and claiming benefit of the U.S. application's filing date.

A Certified File Wrapper includes the complete prosecution history and is commonly used in judicial proceedings.

When available, electronic uncertified copies of application documents may be viewed and downloaded at no cost by clicking the "Image File Wrapper" tab in PAIR. If this tab is not displayed, electronic view and download of the Image File Wrapper is not currently available for the application.

Placing an order opens the online shopping cart.

Click the "Order Certified Application As Filed" link to order the original application papers submitted for the application you are currently viewing in PAIR.

Click the "Order Certified File Wrapper" link to order the complete case record to date for the application you are currently viewing in PAIR.

Click the "View Order List" to open the online shopping cart without adding any items to it.

You may review and edit application orders selected during your PAIR session. When you are finished making your selections, please click the "Checkout" button to continue. You will have the opportunity to review the processing time, delivery method, pricing, and order summary before confirming your order.

Note: The documents you order remain in your shopping cart until your PAIR session has ended, even if you close the shopping cart browser window.

To order certified copies of Patent documents, click here.

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