First Office Action Estimator

In fiscal year 2021, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) moved to a new methodology for assigning patent applications to patent examiners based on Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC). Since the initial transition, various modifications have been made to the method by which applications are prioritized and docketed for examination. As a result of these changes, the estimates provided by the First Office Action Estimator for individual applications are not representative of expected examination timeframes. While improvements are made to our ability to provide these estimates, this tool will remain disabled. Additional information will be provided here as it becomes available.  

First Office Action

An Office action is a document written by a patent examiner in the course of examination of a patent application. The Office action may cite prior art and gives reasons why the examiner has allowed (approved) the applicant's claims and/or rejected the claims. A first Office action on the merits (FAOM) is typically the first substantive examination of the application.