Christianna Alexander

Christianna Alexander

Teen Entrepreneur, Author, Advocate for people living with disabilities, Founder & CEO of Sweet Christi’s

At twelve years old, Christianna decided she wanted to start a business. Her three business ideas were baking, arts and crafts, and soap. Baking turned out to be more of a challenge than she expected, and her paintings and drawings didn’t sell as she hoped. Not one to give up easily, Christianna turned her passion into purpose by creating Sweet Christi’s, a company that makes all-natural, plant-based soaps resembling the delectable desserts she tried to bake. Christianna dedicated her company to teaching girls the importance of self-care.

Christianna has earned accolades from Beyonce’s BeyGood Foundation, won pitch competitions, and been named a Disney Dreamer. She has been featured on HSN and QVC home shopping networks, participated in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) “Girl Powered Inventor and Entrepreneurship” symposium, and started a non-profit to educate girls about entrepreneurship, literacy, philanthropy, and neurodiversity. In addition, she is an ambassador for children with neurodiversity and the best-selling author of the children’s book, “Stay Sweet and Never Miss a Beat.”

As CEO of Sweet Christi’s, Christianna owns various forms of intellectual property, including copyrights.

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