Bishop Curry V

Bishop Curry V

Oasis: A life-saving device for children left in a hot car

At the age of ten, Bishop Curry was inspired to invent a way to prevent the accidental death of children in hot cars after a tragedy involving a young child in his neighborhood. Starting with a rough sketch, Bishop came up with an idea for a device that included motion sensors, global positioning, messaging capabilities, and more.

Bishop’s device, which he called "Oasis," attaches to the top of a child's car seat. A motion sensor detects a child in a motionless car, and within minutes sends a message to the parents, then alerts the authorities, including the car’s location. At the same time, the device activates a thermoelectric cooling device to blow cool air on the child until help arrives. Regarding the name choice, Bishop said that he called his invention "Oasis" because an oasis is cool and when he looks at an oasis, it makes him think of relief.

From that initial sketch, Bishop has built a crowdfunded functional prototype. He filed for a U.S. patent, which was issued in April 2018 as U.S. Patent 9,937,830.

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