An Evening With

An Evening With (AEW) is a program that champions the work and lives of America’s greatest scientists and technologists and connecting these extraordinary individuals to the next generation. The program was launched in 2017 by the National Science & Technology Medals Foundation in partnership with the USPTO.

Each event in the AEW series features a National Medal of Technology and Innovation (NMTI) or National Medal of Science (NMS) laureate in conversation with a moderator hosted at venues across the country. The events are free and open-to-the-public with the goal of creating a personal connection between the laureate and the attendees. The events are also live-streamed for people who cannot attend in-person.

2019 Events

February 28, Haverford College
An Evening With Stephen Lippard

March 20, University of Texas at Arlington
An Evening With Richard Tapia

April 25, Howard University 
An Evening With Shirley Ann Jackson

May 8, Portland State University
An Evening With Geri Richmond

September 25, Spelman College
Science Unscripted: Screen behind the Scenes with Industrial Light & Magic

October 17, George Washington University
Science Unscripted: Origins of the Internet

Additional events and information are coming soon.

2018 Events

February 21, University of South Florida
An Evening With Steve Sasson

March 21, University of Southern California
An Evening With Biotech's Best

April 5, Georgetown University
An Evening With Vinton Cerf 

May 10, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
An Evening With Geraldine Richmond

September 26, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Are We Going to Mars? An Evening With Aerospace Experts

November 8, Northwestern University
An Evening With Titans of Nanotechnology


To learn more about the USPTO's partnership with the National Medals Foundation, please contact Linda Hosler or John Palafoutas in the Office of the Chief Communications Officer.