Comments Regarding USPTO's Joint Strategic Plan for Intellectual Property Enforcement Voluntary Best Practices Study

The USPTO received 23 responses to our June 20, 2013 request for comments regarding voluntary initiatives to reduce online intellectual property infringement. The submissions came following our Federal Register Notice (Request for Comments: Joint Strategic Plan for Intellectual Property Enforcement, Voluntary Best Practices Study) seeking public input to assist in the evaluation of such initiatives, and the subsequent extension of the deadline for comments. The comment period closed on August 21, 2013.

We invite you to read the submissions we received. They are listed below in the order of date received.

(Please note that the following documents are posted as originally received but may contain artifacts of scanning, OCR, or document format conversion. All files require a PDF viewer.)

A. Member Organizations and Associations

  1. Independent Film & Television Alliance (2013JUL22)
  2. Recording Industry Association of America (2013AUG17)
  3. International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (2013AUG21)
  4. Center for Copyright Information (2013AUG21)
  5. Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (2013AUG21)
  6. Public Knowledge (2013AUG21)
  7. Center for Democracy & Technology (2013AUG21)
  8. Motion Picture Association of America (2013AUG21)
  9. The Internet Association (2013AUG21)
  10. Association of American Publishers (2013AUG21)
  11. Computer & Communications Industry Association (2013AUG21)
  12. Electronic Frontier Foundation (2013AUG21)
  13. Copyright Alliance (2013AUG21)
  14. Consumer Electronics Association (2013AUG21)

B. Companies

  1. (2013AUG20)
  2. Google Inc. (2013AUG21)
  3. MarkMonitor (2013AUG21)

C. Individuals or Unknown

  1. Alexis Parrish (2013JUN20)
  2. Eurica Califorrniaa (2013JUN21)
  3. Andrew im the @ Australianking (2013JUN22)
  4. Robert Patrick Reibold (2013JUN23)
  5. James David Cowart (2013JUL07)
  6. Ted Dengler (2013AUG14)