Octavia H.

Primary Patent Examiner

"As you work, do so with speed, accuracy, and passion."

"It takes persistence, a sharp eye, and an analytical mind to be a patent examiner," says Octavia. She should know — she’s been examining at the USPTO for more than 15 years and still gets a thrill each and every time a new technology crosses her desk.

She dissects patent applications to determine if they comply with legal requirements and rules, to validate the originality of a new and useful idea before it is granted the right to be deemed a new invention.

Her work as a patent examiner matters, and not just to the independent inventors who work for years to develop, test, and submit their inventions for the right to protect their art. It matters to the country as a whole, because patents have a direct impact on the economy. And that  makes Octavia very proud to work at the USPTO.

"STEM careers are exciting at the USPTO! If you choose to work here, you will utilize your STEM training every day in a way that serves the public," she says. "Your career as a patent examiner can be fulfilling, especially if you like to constantly learn new things and want to work with cutting-edge technology."