Montia P.

Senior Supervisory Attorney

“Consistently do a great job. Cultivate a reputation as someone who has a high quality work product and a strong work ethic.” 

We’re not bragging, but we hear this quite a bit from employees at the USPTO: “When I heard the USPTO was hiring, I jumped at the chance to join!”

Such is the story for Montia, who is on her second stint at the agency, having left briefly to explore life at an intellectual property law firm. What brought her back for good?

“The USPTO has afforded me the flexibility to pursue the career I want, and the opportunity to practice law in a field that I love, in an environment that is supportive of both my career goals and my desire for true work-life balance.”

Montia’s work in Trademarks at the USPTO has taken her across the globe and back to attend and participate in committees on trademark law, and to conduct media interviews and speaking engagements before legal professionals and entrepreneurs. She currently serves as a Senior Supervisory Attorney, Office of Trademark Quality Review and Training (OTQRT) and has held several positions within the organization to expand her skillsets and advance her career. 

After serving as a Trademark Examining Attorney upon return from the private sector, she worked on a detail as Chief of Staff for Trademarks under former Commissioner Mary Boney Dennison. What she appreciated most about her various experiences at the USPTO has been "the opportunity to learn about so many areas throughout the Office and to make wonderful connections with colleagues along the way," she says. "All of these experiences are invaluable!"

When she joined OTQRT a few years ago, she led the Post-Registration Review Group and assisted that group with developing performance plans. She also did a lot of quality review and training both for the overall Post-Registration Division and for the OTQRT Post-Registration Review Group. She really enjoyed it, so decided to apply for her current position because it would allow her “to continue doing the post-registration work and become more involved in other areas throughout Trademarks.”

As she climbed the ranks within Trademarks, Montia adopted this career progression trifecta:

  1. Cultivate a reputation as someone who does a great job, has a high work ethic and treats people well.
  2. Consider where you want to be in five years, 10 years, and beyond. Then continuously assess whether or not what you’re doing right now will get you there. If not, be open to change and to the potential that you may need to step outside of your comfort zone to get on track.
  3. Look for ways to challenge yourself, to learn new things, and to grow both personally and professionally.

According to Montia, there are no typical days at the USPTO and she prefers it that way. Without hesitation, she encourages women to join the USPTO.  When considering career growth and advancement, its culture of diversity and inclusion, and being a place where women are highly regarded and respected, Montia says that the USPTO is unmatched.  

“Working with intelligent and accomplished colleagues at the top of their respective fields who share a commitment to excellence and enjoy the quality of life that the USPTO has to offer… it doesn’t get any better than this.”