Anthony T.

Lead Correspondence Management Analyst

“The USPTO is a perfect balance for me after retiring [from the Air Force].”

The skills of a veteran are the same skills for USPTO success

Whether he is creating a new Outreach Management System or spearheading a new Communication Review process, Anthony is at the center of information management at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)—just where he wants to be.

Anthony joined the USPTO in the summer of 2014, after retiring from his nearly 30-year career in the United States Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant, the highest enlisted rank. Anthony spent the majority of his military career in the information management field.

“In the military, you have to be agile and flexible with all that you do, constantly looking for ways to improve yourself and improve the lives of others around you,” Anthony says. “Work ethic, respect, and teamwork are three of the most important aspects of being a veteran…and those are the [same] skills needed to be successful at the USPTO.”

Anthony is USPTO’s Lead Correspondence Management Analyst in the Office of the Under Secretary, a position he was promoted to after being initially hired into a different role. The opportunity to “be involved in creating efficient ways to manage and streamline processes” is one of Anthony’s favorite parts of the job, in addition to working with a “dedicated group of professionals who are laser-focused on doing their part.”

A “perfect balance” at work—low stress, high reward

When asked to describe life at the USPTO, Anthony’s response is plain and simple: “It’s a great place to work: low stress, and high reward.” His daily routine allows him to begin his work in the pre-dawn hours, leaving him with enough time and energy left to connect with his family.

“The USPTO is a perfect balance for me after retiring [from the Air Force],” Anthony shares. “This will more than likely be my last job.”

Anthony believes that the number one benefit for veterans considering joining the agency is “the flexibility of the work schedule here and the many ways you have to achieve a good life balance.” He also stresses that opportunities for career progression and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities are “huge benefits.”

What advice does Anthony give to others who might also pursue a career in his field? “Keep an open mind, and look for productive ways to improve any process,” Anthony advises. He also recommends staying flexible and looking for opportunities to stay relevant, since environments are ever-changing.

The USPTO tries to offer the perfect balance to all team members and strives to be that perfect place where transitioning veterans can find a new home after serving in the military. We thank Anthony for his service, both in the United States Air Force and as an inspiring and dedicated federal employee at America’s Innovation Agency.