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The Council for Inclusive Innovation (CI2) is helping to develop a comprehensive national strategy to increase equity and fuel the United States’ innovation ecosystem by encouraging, empowering, and supporting all future innovators. The Council envisions their work will build an inclusive innovation economy that reflects the diversity of our nation.

CI2 is comprised of representatives from private industry, non-profit organizations, academia, and various federal government agencies. The national strategy will be a long-term comprehensive plan for continuing to build America’s innovation ecosystem in areas that promote and increase the participation of groups that have been traditionally underrepresented as inventors-patentees. 

Who can participate?

Everyone involved in the innovation ecosystem can participate. You do not need to be a Council member to increase participation of underrepresented groups in innovation.

How can you get started?

The Council wants to hear from you about your best practices, lessons learned, and any feedback or comments you would like to share. Email us at and join the conversation on social media using #InclusiveInnovation.

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