About AccessUSPTO

Mission statement

AccessUSPTO seeks to increase understanding of intellectual property (IP) rights in America by teaming up with the public and national organizations that represent underserved and hard-to-reach creators, entrepreneurs, and inventors.

Meet the team

The AccessUSPTO team is based in the Alexandria, Virginia, headquarters of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Our goal is to promote innovation and stimulate the economy by connecting entrepreneurs and creators to government resources, supporting students and teachers through STEM education programs, and gathering feedback from stakeholders.

Portrait of Elizabeth Dougherty

Elizabeth Dougherty

As the Eastern Regional Outreach Director, Elizabeth Dougherty carries out the strategic direction of the Under Secretary of Commerce for IP and Director of the USPTO, and is responsible for leading the USPTO's East Coast stakeholder engagement. Focusing on the region and actively engaging with the community, Ms. Dougherty ensures the USPTO's initiatives and programs are tailored to the region's unique ecosystem of industries and stakeholders.

Tomeka O

Tomeka Oubichon

Tomeka Oubichon is the Eastern Regional Outreach Officer. Ms. Oubichon supports the strategic plans and goals of the agency with a focus on outreach and stakeholder engagement.




Rachel Pellegrino

Rachel Pellegrino

Rachel Pellegrino is the Program Manager for the AccessUSPTO pilot program. Ms. Pellegrino works collaboratively with the public and national organizations and is helping to expand access to IP information and resources.