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Thursday Mar 15, 2012

USPTO Completes AIA Roadshows

From: Janet Gongola, Patent Reform Coordinator

The USPTO AIA Implementation Team just returned from a series of cross-country roadshows to dialogue with you about various proposed rules that the agency recently released for public comment.  We visited six cities--Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Salt Lake City, and Sunnyvale, California--with a team of USPTO representatives including two from the Patent Business Unit, two administrative patent judges from the Board of Appeals and Interferences, one from Governmental Affairs, and either Director David Kappos or Deputy Director Teresa Stanek Rea.  We discussed our proposed rules for provisions like inventor's oath/declaration, preissuance submissions, supplemental examination, inter partes review, post grant review, covered business method review, and derivation.

Thank you to all those who attended an AIA roadshow in person or via webinar.  We enjoyed a total of more than 1300 participants ranging from independent inventors to in-house counsel to private practitioners.   In two venues, we even enjoyed visits from law school classes with their professors.  On behalf of the AIA Implementation Team, it was a pleasure to interact with so many of you in the stakeholder community.

Additionally, we appreciate all the questions and  suggestions for modifications along the way.  Interestingly, many of the same considerations arose across cities such as the feasbility of making a preissuance submission in an application undergoing prioritized examination, the need for an inventor's oath/declaration as opposed to a mere identification of the inventor on an application data sheet, the definition of technological invention, and the steps that the Board will take to conclude the new administrative trials in one year.  As none of our proposals are set in stone, the agency is reviewing these considerations as we prepare our final rules.

For those of you who were not able to attend a roadshow, we videorecorded the programs in Alexandria and Sunnyvale.  The link to the videos appears below.  Also, we are providing links to the roadshow slide sets on a location basis so that you may contact the presenters at the venue where you attended with questions.  (Apart from listing the particular presenters, the roadshow slide sets are identical.)

AIA Roadshow Videos
AIA Roadshow Presentations

Lastly, whether you attended an AIA roadshow or not, I encourage you to consider submitting written feedback to the agency so that you can be part of building our 21st century patent office.  Your written input may be of any length, and  it is just as important to let us know what you like as it is what you dislike.  If you offer constructive criticism, it is always helpful to present an alternative to help expedite our implementation efforts.  The link below shows the comment windows and email addresses to use in giving feedback to the USPTO.

Thank you again to our stakeholder community for supporting our roadshows and making them a productive dialogue about our AIA implementation efforts.

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