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Tuesday Feb 07, 2012

AIA Roadshow Schedule 2012

From: Janet Gongola, Patent Reform Coordinator

Date Event Agenda Venue Location
 Wednesday, February 15  PPAC Fee Setting Hearing*  USPTO Campus  Alexandria, VA
 Thursday, February 16  Genetic Testing Hearing*  USPTO Campus  Alexandria, VA
 Friday, February 17  Roadshow*  USPTO Campus  Alexandria, VA
 Thursday, February 23  PPAC Fee Setting Hearing*  Sunnyvale Public Library  Sunnyvale, CA
 Friday, February 24  Roadshow*  Sunnyvale Public Library  Sunnyvale, CA
 Monday, February 27  Roadshow  Marriott Library, University of Utah  Salt Lake City, UT
 Wednesday, February 29  Roadshow  Dallas Public Library  Dallas, TX
 Friday, March 2  Roadshow  Broward County Main Library  Ft. Lauderdale, FL
 Monday, March 5  Roadshow  Boston Public Library  Boston, MA
 Wednesday, March 7  Roadshow  Chicago Public Library  Chicago, IL
 Friday, March 9  Genetic Testing Hearing*  University of San Diego**  San Diego, CA
 * Webcast is available for these venues. Please see Event Agenda for details.
** Special events tram with “SPECIAL EVENTS” sign will run from 7:45am - 9:45am and 3:30pm - 5pm.


The USPTO announces its complete AIA event schedule for February and March 2012.  Events include seven AIA roadshows, two hearings for the Genetic Testing Study, and two PPAC fee setting hearings. 

At the AIA roadshows, the USPTO will explain its proposed rules for various new provisions required under the AIA including supplemental examination, inter partes review, and post grant review.  At the Genetic Testing Hearings, the USPTO will collect information from the public about ways to offer a second, confirmatory genetic test in situations where there is a gene patent and the patent is licensed to an entity that offers a first genetic test.  At the Fee Setting Hearings, the PPAC will gather public feedback about the USPTO's proposed fee structure for patent services.  The USPTO released its proposed patent fee schedule on Tuesday, February 7th, and it is available here or on the PPAC website

Agendas and directions for all events are available through the links in the table below.   Those who would like to give testimony at any of the hearings are welcome to do so by either pre-scheduling testimony or offering unscheduled testimony on the day of the hearing.  Details for prescheduling testimony can be found in the Federal Register Notices about the hearings. 

All events are free and open to the public; pre-registration is not required.  Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  CLE credit is not available for any event.  Lastly, select AIA roadshows (Alexandria and Sunnyvale) and all hearings will be live webcast on the AIA micro-site.  An AIA roadshow will also be recorded and made available on the AIA micro-site. 

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