Abusive Domain Name Registration Involving Personal Names

I. Introduction

II. Federal Register Notice

III. Federal Election Commission Letter to Department of Commerce

IV. Text of Report to Congress: Study on Abusive Domain Name Registrations Involving Personal Names

V. Public Comments


a. Republican National Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee, and National Republican Congressional Committee
b. Mark Leventhal
c. Helen Wells Agency
d. Sumita Chowdhury-Ghosh
e. Chris Carlin
f. Magazine Publishers of America, Inc
g. Nokia Inc
h. Motion Picture Association of America
i. Democratic National Committee
j. Common Cause
k. CMG Worldwide, Inc
l. Deirdre Mulligan, Andy Oram, Michael Cornfield, Michael Froomkin, and Jonathan Weinberg
m. Association for Computing Machinery's Internet Governance Project