Becoming a Practitioner


How to Become Registered to Practice Before the USPTO in Patent Matters

All individuals seeking registration must meet the requirements of 37 CFR §11.7, including the possession of legal, scientific and technical qualifications, and good moral character and reputation. Instructions for demonstrating possession of the necessary qualifications can be found in the General Requirements Bulletin. The possession of legal qualifications is ascertained by passing the Registration Exam. Former USPTO employees may be eligible for waiver of the registration examination. Click here for more information.

The Registration Examination

Examination for Registration to Practice in Patent Cases was Updated December 16, 2016

The United States Patent and Trademark Office updated the content of the registration examination on December 16, 2016. The updated examination covers all material referred to in the Source Materials, including Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance and Training Materials. See Source Materials for the Questions and Answers on the Registration Examination Beginning December 16, 2016. For further information concerning Subject Matter Eligibility, please refer to the Subject Matter Eligibility page of the USPTO website.

Registration Examination Applicants Review Sessions

Applicants who failed their registration examination will be able to schedule a review session through Prometric at a location selected by the applicant for a fee of $195. Reviews must take place within 65 days after the date of the examination. Applicants will review only those scored questions they answered incorrectly (37 CFR 11.7(e)). Complete instructions for scheduling these review sessions will be provided with the result letters.

Limited Recognition

Limited Recognition

Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents can be registered to practice law in patent matters before the Office. 37 CFR §§ 11.6(a) and (b). It has been the long standing practice of the Office to grant limited recognition under 37 CFR § 11.9(b) to nonimmigrant aliens who demonstrate that they are authorized to be employed or trained by a specific employer in the capacity of preparing and prosecuting patent applications. For more information and forms regarding Limited Recognition, click here.