Office of Patent Information Management

General Support: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM ET (Closed on all Federal Holidays)

The Office of Patent Information Management (OPIM) manages the development and implementation of technology systems, tools, and information resources for Patents.  This includes developing program requirements for automated systems relating to domestic and international patent information technology systems.  OPIM also provides an extensive array of Patents information services including stakeholder support. OPIM has five operating areas that maintain responsibility for developing and implementing new and enhanced automation technologies, processes, and programs designed to improve patent business practices.

This office is comprised of five offices: the Office of Patent Information Resources, the Scientific and Technical Information Center, the Office of Data Management, the Office of Patent Automation and the Office of Patent Application Processing.

Office of Patent Information Resources

The Office of Patent Information Resources (OPIR) improves examiner effectiveness through automation training, coordination of Patents Telework programs, development of...

Office of Data Management

The Office of Data Management (ODM) manages the processing and data capture of allowed patent applications, assembles and mails patent grants and prepares Certificates of...

Office of Patent Automation

The Office of Patent Automation (OPA) provides program and project management over all Patent automation programs and initiatives. OPA has oversight of key functional...

Office of Patent Application Processing

The Office of Patent Application Processing (OPAP) performs initial processing for all new US and PCT applications to ensure that applications are in condition for...