Trademarks Webinar Series

The Trademarks Webinar Series delivers timely presentations that educate and engage our customers about changes to USPTO rules and digital services, as well as areas of trademark law and practice that are generally more advanced than our basic trademark resources. Trademarks Webinar Series sessions typically take place once per quarter and most are eligible for CLE credit. Though designed with legal professionals in mind, not all sessions are exclusive to a practitioner audience. All Trademarks Webinar Series sessions are designed to provide you with:

  • Actionable information to help you adapt to filing procedures resulting from high-impact changes to trademark rules and laws
  • Opportunities to engage our experts and ask questions about specialized topics covered in the sessions

The Trademarks Webinar Series video library contains recordings of all previous presentations. You can also read descriptions of past sessions below to see if there's a topic of interest to you. If you're looking for more introductory instruction, check out our Trademark Basics Boot Camp series

Register for our upcoming Federal trademark searching webinar series to learn more on using the trademark search system. This is intended for both new users and experienced practitioners. Each webinar builds upon the prior event and covers more complex subject matter. You’re welcome to attend all three, or you can choose which ones are right for you depending on your skill level.

Upcoming events

We will discuss the recent updates to trademark identification and classification practice under the Nice Classification, 12th edition, version 2024 (Nice 12-2024).