Military Invention Day at the Smithsonian

Military Invention Day logo with text: 05.18.2019 - #MilitaryInventionDay


Military Invention Day at the National Museum of American History is sponsored by the Smithsonian in collaboration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and demonstrates the crucial roles of invention, patents, and technology transfer for the United States military. The all-day event is family friendly and gives visitors the chance to explore new technology while interacting with the military personnel behind the cutting-edge advances on display.

USPTO Deputy Director Laura Peter and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson will speak at noon ET.

Military Invention Day attracts overlapping audiences: children and teens enjoy hands-on invention activities and are inspired to pursue STEM careers; the general public has a unique opportunity to meet scientists, engineers, and inventors in person, learn about breakthrough technologies and their use, and gain perspective on the military’s role in developing new technology; active and retired military personnel and their families see historical artifacts, learn about new inventions, and talk with peers from different branches of the armed forces; display teams from across the military interact with the general public in a STEM-focused environment and engage with each other’s research and engineering projects.

Find more information at the Smithsonian's Military Invention Day 2019 webpage.

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