2021 National Patent Application Drafting Competition national round

The National Patent Application Drafting Competition (NPADC) is a team competition that introduces law students to U.S. patent laws and regulations, and seeks to develop each participating student’s patent application drafting, amending, and prosecuting skills. 

The NPADC began on November 23, 2020, when each team of students was presented a hypothetical invention statement to research.

During the regional rounds, each team member took part in describing their strategy and contribution to a patent application. As part of the competition, they researched the invention, identified classes, identified relevant references, determined patentable subject matter, constructed claims, created drawings, and described the invention, all according to USPTO regulations.

The competition started with 51 teams and is now down to the final five.  Each team will defend their strategy to a live panel of distinguished judges drawn from the greater patent community. Register today to watch the 2021 NPADC Nationals:   

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For more information, email PatentDraftingCompetition@uspto.gov or call 313-446-6632.

This event is part of a series: National Patent Application Drafting Competition