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FY 2011 Fee Information

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Deposit Account Rules and Information

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers an Unrestricted type of deposit account, which allows account holders to charge any fee or service offered by the USPTO directly to their accounts. Account holders can securely replenish their deposit accounts, change authorized users, and view the current balance and monthly statements

Accepted Payment Methods

The USPTO accepts Cash (in-person only), Checks, Credit Cards*, Deposit Accounts*, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)*, and Wires. * Note: most fees can be paid online over the USPTO Website using these payment methods.

USPTO Financial Manager

The USPTO is preparing to launch Financial Manager, a new and easy to use online fee payment management system. You'll be able to store and manage payment methods online, generate and download transaction reports, receive administrative notifications, and assign user permissions. Visit this page to learn more about Financial Manager today.