Fees and Payment

Access the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) systems you need for filing and paying online, and for payment information.

List of patent fees (current fee schedule)

List of trademark fees (current fee schedule)


Online payments




Electronic Filing System (EFS-Web) for unregistered users

Use this for basic, initial patent filing

Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS)

File and pay for trademark application and other related forms

Office of Finance Online Shopping Page

Pay or look up patent maintenance fees, maintain a deposit account, or make an electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Electronic Filing System (EFS-Web) for registered users

Use this for enhanced filing, additional processing, and saved submissions

Electronic Trademark Assignment System (ETAS)

Record assignment (ownership) and changes in assignment

Financial Profile

View payments made to the USPTO

Pay Maintenance Fees

Pay or lookup maintenance fees

Electronic System for Trademark Trials and Appeals (ESTTA)

File Trademark Trial and Appeal Board documents

List of Fees

View the current fee schedule

Patent Review Processing System (PRPS)

File Patent Trial and Appeal Board documents

Trademark documents

Order certified copies of trademarks and download uncertified copies


Patent documents

Order certified copies of patents and download uncertified copies



More online services 


Coming soon

Financial Manager

The USPTO is preparing to launch Financial Manager, a new, easy to use online fee payment management system. You’ll be able to store and manage payment methods online, generate and download transaction reports, receive administrative notifications, and assign secure user permissions. Visit frequently asked questions and additional resources to prepare for the USPTO’s transition to Financial Manager.

Patent Maintenance Fees Storefront

A new Patent Maintenance Fees Storefront will launch alongside Financial Manager. This new tool will enable you to look up patent maintenance fee information and pay fees for one or multiple patents at once. You’ll also be able to check out faster, using a stored payment method from Financial Manager.

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