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FLUID-CIRCUIT ELEMENTS PREDOMINANTLY USED FOR COMPUTING OR CONTROL PURPOSES (transducers F15B 5/00, {F15B 21/00 }; fluid dynamics in general F15D; computer comprising fluid elements G06D, G06G; {electric control by means of electro-hydraulic or electro-pneumatic amplifiers G05B 7/02}) [2018-08]

  • In this subclass non-limiting references (in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC) may still be displayed in the scheme.
F15C 1/00
Circuit elements having no moving parts [2013-01]
F15C 1/001
{for punched-card machines (punched-card machines G06K); for typewriters (typewriters B41J); for keyboards; for conveying cards or tape; for conveying through tubes (transport through tubes B65G 51/00, B65G 53/00); for computers (non-electric computers G06C, G06D, G06G); for dc-ac transducers for information processing (dc-ac converters H02M); for signal transmission (telegraphic apparatus H04L)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/002
{for controlling engines, turbines, compressors (starting, speed regulation, temperature control or the like) (control of internal-combustion piston engines F02D; of turbines F01D, F02C; of fans F04D 27/00; speedometers G01P)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/003
{for process regulation, (e.g. chemical processes, in boilers or the like); for machine tool control (e.g. sewing machines, automatic washing machines); for liquid level control; for controlling various mechanisms; for alarm circuits; for ac-dc transducers for control purposes (automatic washing machines D06F 33/00; electric regulation of mechanical working machines B23Q 35/00, G05B 19/00; valve-controlled servomotors F15B 9/08; thread feeding devices for sewing machines D05B 51/00; special provisions on lathes B23B 25/00, B23Q; non-electric signal transmission G08C 23/00)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/005
{for measurement techniques, e.g. measuring from a distance; for detection devices, e.g. for presence detection; for sorting measured properties (testing); for gyrometers; for analysis; for chromatography (fluid information or impulse transducers F15B 5/00; postal sorting according to size B07C 1/10; dial gauges, spherometers G01B 3/22, G01B 5/22; gyroscopic apparatus G01C 19/00; viscosimeters G01N 11/00; speed measurement, flowmeters G01P)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/006
{for aeronautics; for rockets (drives, controls); for satellites; for air cushion vehicles; for controlling vessels or torpedoes (injectors F04F 5/00; aircraft control by jet reaction B64C 15/00; air pressure regulation in aircraft B64D 13/04; instruments adapted to be mounted in aircraft B64D 43/00)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/007
{for indicating devices for fluid signals (output arrangements in electronic computers G06F 3/14; luminous advertising G09F 13/00; name or number plates with interchangeable characters G09F 7/00; fluid operating means for indicating or recording members in measuring instruments G01D 5/42; fluid information or pulse transducers for converting variations of fluid pressure into other physical quantities F15B 5/003)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/008
{Other applications, e.g. for air conditioning, medical applications, other than in respirators, derricks for underwater separation of materials by coanda effect, weapons} [2013-01]
F15C 1/02
Details {, e.g. special constructional devices for circuits with fluid elements, such as resistances, capacitive circuit elements; devices preventing reaction coupling in composite elements (servomotor systems adapted for maintaining constant speed F15B 11/05); Switch boards; Programme devices (hydraulic programme control F15B 21/02)} [2017-08]
F15C 1/04
. .
Means for controlling fluid streams to fluid devices, e.g. by electric signals {or other signals, no mixing taking place between the signal and the flow to be controlled (fluid information or pulse transducers F15B 5/00; electric regulation with electro-fluid amplifiers G05B 7/02; fluid operating means for indicating or recording members in measuring instruments G01D 5/42; distribution or supply devices for servomotors with electrically-controlled pilot valves F15B 13/043)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/06
. .
Constructional details; Selection of specified materials {Constructional realisation of one single element; Canal shapes; Jet nozzles; Assembling an element with other devices, only if the element forms the main part (F15C 5/00 takes precedence)} [2016-05]

F15C 1/08
Boundary-layer devices, e.g. wall-attachment amplifiers {coanda effect (fluid oscillators of pulse generators F15B 21/12)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/10
. .
for digital operation, e.g. to form a logical flip-flop, OR-gate, NOR-gate {, AND-gate; Comparators; Pulse generators} [2017-08]
F15C 1/12
. . .
Multiple arrangements thereof for performing operations of the same kind, e.g. majority gates, identity gates {(static stores G11C 25/00); Counting circuits; Sliding registers} [2013-01]
F15C 1/14
Stream-interaction devices; Momentum-exchange devices, e.g. operating by exchange between two orthogonal fluid jets {; Proportional amplifiers} [2017-08]
F15C 1/143
. .
{for digital operation, e.g. to form a logical flip-flop, OR-gate, NOR-gate, AND-gate (F15C 1/10 takes precedence)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/146
. .
{multiple arrangements thereof, forming counting circuits, sliding registers, integration circuits or the like (F15C 1/12 take precedence)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/16
Vortex devices, i.e. devices in which use is made of the pressure drop associated with vortex motion in a fluid {(vortex chambers F15D 1/0015; vortex chambers as resistances F15C 1/02; vortex chambers associated with amplifiers for improving the switching time by interaction F15C 1/14)} [2013-01]
F15C 1/18
Turbulence devices, i.e. devices in which a controlling stream will cause a laminar flow to become turbulent {; Diffusion amplifiers} [2017-08]
F15C 1/20
Direct-impact devices i.e., devices in which two collinear opposing power streams are impacted [2013-01]
F15C 1/22
Oscillators [2013-01]
F15C 3/00
Circuit elements having moving parts (valves, construction of valves F16K) [2016-05]

F15C 3/002
{using fluid droplets or similar deformable bodies (using solid balls F15C 3/06)} [2013-01]
F15C 3/005
{using loose plates or foils (using diaphragms F15C 3/04)} [2013-01]
F15C 3/007
{using a spiral spring which allows fluid bass upon deformation (using reeds F15C 3/08)} [2013-01]
F15C 3/02
using spool valves [2013-01]
F15C 3/04
using diaphragms ({using loose plates or foils F15C 3/005 }; connection of valves to inflatable elastic bodies B60C 29/00) [2013-01]
F15C 3/06
using balls {or pill-shaped disks (using fluid drops or similar deformable bodies F15C 3/002)} [2013-01]
F15C 3/08
using reeds {(using spiral springs F15C 3/007)} [2013-01]
F15C 3/10
using nozzles or jet pipes {(fluid information or pulse transducers F15B 5/00)} [2013-01]
F15C 3/12
. .
the nozzle or jet pipe being movable [2013-01]
F15C 3/14
. .
the jet the nozzle being intercepted by a flap [2013-01]
F15C 3/16
Oscillators [2013-01]
F15C 4/00
Circuit elements characterised by their special functions [2013-01]
F15C 5/00
Manufacture of fluid circuit elements; Manufacture of assemblages of such elements {integrated circuits} [2013-01]
F15C 7/00
Hybrid elements, i.e. circuit elements having features according to groups F15C 1/00 and F15C 3/00 [2013-01]